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Grounded in the Environmental Justice Movement's principles for Just Transition and the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing, the Equitable Building Electrification Fund: A Collaboration for Frontline Communities is advancing a new vision, strategies, and processes to: 
  • Support self-determination

  • Equitably distribute resources and power, and

  • Build what is needed so that people can afford to stay in their homes, electrify them, and correct for the historic, institutional racism deeply embedded at the intersection of housing and energy, and philanthropy.


Photo Credit: Alexandria (Xandr) Brown

Founding member of the Equitable Building Electrification Fund Governance Assembly Jackson Koeppel and EBE Fund partner grantee, “Mama” Gloria J. Lowe, President of We Want Green Too!, participate in the 2022 Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition Summit: Fighting False Solutions, Healing Our Future.

About Us

The Equitable Building Electrification Fund was developed through a collaborative effort between practitioner organizations representing community-based, environmental justice, civil rights, and low-income consumer advocates; philanthropic institutions; and social impact networks working at the intersection of climate, energy, and justice.

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Mission Statement

The Equitable Building Electrification Fund: A Collaboration for Frontline Communities centers equity and people in the removal of fossil fuels from buildings and communities. 

  • We give resources to grassroots, frontline, and base-building organizations and leaders in communities of color and low-income communities to support their self-determined priorities.

  • We seek to find solutions that can transform the balance of power in the ownership and distribution of energy production, energy infrastructure, and housing.


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